Import Auctions from CSV

To help you populate your database much more easier, you can use the Import Auctions from CSV feature. With it you can import data from the admin backend as a bulk upload, which will append the data to your existing database.

To access this page go to Components/Auction Factory/Tools and click on Import Auctions from CSV, there you will find 2 fields which will allow you to upload a ".csv" file and an archive with images corresponding with the uploaded csv respectively. This feature is also available on the frontend if enabled in the configuration, the import button will be shown on the My Auctions Page.

These ".csv" files need to be written in a specific order and format to be eligible for upload and to have no errors since each value will be inserted in the database.
It is very important that the information is separated by tab spacing.

The CSV to DB field mapping can be seen in the ImportFromCSV function in the "tools.php" file found at "components\com_auctionfactory\helpers".

(!) The structure of the exported .xls file is not necessarily meant to be exactly the same as the one of the .csv files you use to import.
The export feature of our component is for statistical purposes while the import feature helps sellers to add multiple auctions as a bulk.

To know exactly how the structure of the file must be, here is a list of the fields with their corresponding IDs and how they should be ordered on the .csv file:

ID Name Description Example
1 Joomla User ID This is the ID shown before the username in the userlist 565
2 User Name Add the username assigned to the above User ID user01
3 Published Parameter to set if the auction is published (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
4 Title Text which will be used as the auction title on listings and details page Asus Zenbook Prime
5 Short Description Short descriptive text regarding the item which will be displayed on listings UX32A-DB31 13.3
6 Description Longer descriptive text regarding the item which can also contain HTML and that will be displayed on the details page The Asus Zenbook Prime UX32A-DB31 13.3" Ultrabook Computer takes portability to the next level
7 Category ID ID of the category best suited for the product 9
8 Category Name Category name assigned to the above Category ID Electronics
9 Auction Type One of the 3 available types of auctions (public, private and BIN only) public
10 Automatic Parameter to set if the auction is fully automatic (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
11 Initial Price Starting price of the auction, must be a valid number greater than 0 500
12 BIN Price Buy It Now price, needs to be greater than the initial price 600
13 Min Increase Value allowed as the minimum increase for the auction 2
14 Reserve Price Value of the Reserve price (the lowest price that the seller is willing to accept for the item) 550
15 Currency Currency used for auction price, use one that is available from Currency Manager list (USD, EUR, AUD, etc.) USD
16 Start Date Date of when the auction starts which is required to be filled in (Y-m-d H:i:s) 2015-11-18 11:50:00
17 End Date Date of when the auction ends which is required to be filled in (Y-m-d H:i:s) 2016-06-25 09:50:00
18 Closed Date Date of when the auction was closed, either by expiring or by the administrator (Y-m-d H:i:s) 0000-00-00 00:00:00
19 Modified Date of when the auction was last modified (Y-m-d H:i:s) 2015-11-24 12:31:32
20 Close Offer Parameter to set if the auction is closed or not (0=No ; 1=Yes) 0
21 Close by Admin Parameter to set if the auction was closed by the administrator or not (0=No ; 1=Yes) 0
22 Autorepublish Parameter to set if the auction will be auto republished or not (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
23 Is Republished Parameter to set if the auction was already republished or not (0=No ; 1=Yes) 0
24 Auto Republished After Days If the Auto republish is set to "1", set after how many days this will occur 1
25 Featured Set if the auction is featured or not (none or featured) none
26 New Messages Parameter to show if a new message has been received on the auction (0=No ; 1=Yes) 0
27 Payment Info Informational text regarding the payment procedure PayPal only
28 Shipment Info Informational text regarding the shipment Buyer pays for shipping
29 Extended counter Add the number of times the auction has been already extended 0
30 Nr. Items Set the total amount of items available for the auction 1
31 Quantity Set the remaining amount of items for the auction 1
32 Auction Nr. Set the ref number of the auction 144836829219
33 Approved Parameter to show if the auction is approved or not (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
34 Hits The number of times the auction has been visited by users 143
35 Param: Picture Parameter to set if the main picture of the product will be displayed or not (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
36 Param: Add_picture Parameter to set if additional pictures of the product are displayed or not (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
37 Param: Auto_accept_bin Parameter to set if the Buy-It-Now is auto accepted (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
38 Param: Bid_counts Parameter to set if the number of bidders is displayed or not (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
39 Param: Max_price Parameter to set if the current bid is displayed or not (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
40 Param: Show reserve Parameter to show or to hide the reserve price on the auction details (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
41 Param: Price suggest Parameter to set if the price suggestion is enabled for the auction (0=No ; 1=Yes) 1
42 Param: Price suggest min Parameter of how many suggestions can be made for the auction (leave empty if Price suggest is "0" 5
43 Payment Method Text from the list of the available payment methods found at the Payment Gateways page (PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.)
44 Highest Bid Set the current highest bid on the auction 570

For any auction which includes images, each image name must be appended after all fields separated by one tab.
Afterwards, entire images for all auctions must be added to one archive and loaded according to the documentation.

To help you even further to understand the structure of the CSV file, you can download auction_factory_import_sample.csv.

More information available on our forum at: http://thephpfactory.com/forum/auction-factory/332-sample-data-bulk-import

(!) Documentation based on Auction Factory version 4.5.0