jAnswers Factory installs with 5 modules, the standard component menu module, along with the following:

  • jAnswers Category Module
  • jAnswers Module
  • JAnswers Top Contributors
  • jAnswers Question Tag Cloud - generates a cloud of the most occurrences tags.

In the Module Manager area, by clicking on each of them, you will see parameters that will be set on the Options tab.

jAnswers Category Module

For all of the modules you have the option to add a class suffix. This will be applied to the CSS class module (table.moduletable). This allows individual module styling.
Enable Category Counter will show you how many questions are in each category.

jAnswers Module

Set how many questions will be displayed and their type : Latest, Popular, Open, Random or Featured.

JooAnswers Top Contributors

You can define how many users will be displayed as top contributors and the order for them, sorted by the number of answers, votes or points.

jAnswers Question Tag Cloud

The Questions Tag Cloud generates a preview of the most used tags.
Here you can change the maximum and minimum number of characters a tag can contain in order to be displayed and also the maximum number of tags to display in the module.

(!) Documentation based on jAnswers Factory version 4.2.0