Receiving Candidate Resumes in Email

Starting with version 1.6.3 of Jobs Factory, the administrator will receive emails with the resumes of Candidates which have recently updated their profile.

First and foremost you will need to set up this feature from the general settings.
Once you have done this, when running any CRON job (http://wiki.thephpfactory.com/doku.php?id=joomla30:jobsfactory:cron) the emails will trigger and resumes will be sent automatically.

Mails are sent following these following criteria:

  • Candidate has modified his profile MORE than an hour ago - this limit is set to allow the user to fully complete his profile and not send an incomplete resume.
  • Candidate has modified his profile in the last 24 hours, but not in the last hour - this is to prevent spam with older CVs which may be inactive, but also allows for ample time to complete a profile.
  • Candidate has not been notified in the last 24 hours, regardless of them editing their profile again. - this is again to limit spam, since some users may edit their profiles in their *tea breaks*.

The emails will include the following information:

  • Personal information and Contact information
  • User Experience
  • User Education
  • Custom Fields
  • File attachment, if present, and Joomla is set to SMTP mail from the General Configuration.

The emails are fully translatable using the Joomla Language system and reflect the actual Candidate User Profile, as accurately as possible.

(!) Documentation based on Jobs Factory version 2.0.0