For extra security, under the Joomla Backend: Love Factory/Settings/Security, the Love Factory extension allows the user to add certain restrictions regarding Comments, Groups, Friends, etc.

On these sections, which are also seen in the images below, you can place the following restrictions:

  • ActivityEnabled - this restriction is met if the Activity feature is enabled
  • ActivityPrivacy - makes your activity hidden
  • CommentsEnabled - enables comments
  • CommentsPrivacy - comments get filtered before posted
  • Create profile - create your profile
  • Filled - mark something as filled
  • FriendsEnabled - enables friends
  • Google Maps enabled - enable Google Maps, only if the Google Maps are enabled
  • GroupsEnabled - enables groups
  • Guest - you have to be a guest in order to do specific tasks.
  • InterractionsEnabled - enable interactions between users
  • Logged - suitable for activities that can only be done while logged
  • MembersMapEnabled - enables Member Maps
  • MessagesEnabled - enables messages
  • NonDefaultMembership - restrict default memberships from specific tasks
  • NotFilled - marks a field as not filled
  • RadiusSearchEnabled - enables searching for a person within a certain area(GoogleMaps)
  • RelationshipEnabled - enables relationships
  • TopFriendsEnabled - enables top friends

With this new feature, you can decide what restrictions to apply on all the sections of the component. For instance, if you want to apply a restriction on the Comments page, you simply choose the wanted restriction from its box, which is located right to the section. To remove any restriction, you simply uncheck it.

There are also some restrictions which cannot be removed. For example, the Ignore section has the Logged restriction (you have to be logged onto the site in order to ignore someone), the TopFriends has the FriendsEnabled restriction, etc.

(!) Documentation based on Love Factory version 4.4.9