jAnswers Factory comes with many configurable features, to edit them go to "Components/jAnswers Factory/Settings" in the Joomla backend.

After doing so, go to "General Settings".


In this tab, you can modify settings like date and time format. Change them the way you wish to be displayed, note that "H:i" is for a 24 hour representation of time and "h:iA" is for a 12 hour.

Next thing you can set is the number of days before a question is closed. After that, the answer with the highest rating is chosen. There is also the option to allow users to see a countdown until the expiration date.

The questions can remain archived for a number of days after closing, after which the question is deleted. The next field allows you to set the value in days, if you choose "0" then the question will never be deleted.

You can enable the ability for users to extend the period of time before their question expires, by toggling "Yes/No" in the next field.

You can set the maximum and minimum number of characters the users are allowed to write in the question title and also the maximum number of tags for a question.

Enabling comments will allow users to add comments to questions and answers. The next fields will allow HTML to be used on the question field area or in the answers. In case you choose yes, an editor will be available for this field, otherwise there will be a simple text area. The editor used is the default Joomla editor.

You can set specific HTML tags to be allowed inside question details and answers. Tags like "SCRIPT" are not recommended and could lead to XSS forgeries. You can also set the allowed HTML attributes for these tags.

In the next section you can allow users to upload files when they add questions or answers. Toggle "Yes" or "No" here, in case you wish to enable that or not. In case you choose "Yes", then you can change the maximum upload size of the files (in MB) and the extensions allowed for files on both questions and answers.

For improved moderation you can choose to email administratorseach time a question is posted.

jAnswers Factory also comes with Facebook and Twitter support already implemented. Check both options to have Facebook like button and Twitter share button enabled.

Last option here allows you to enable RSS feeds for questions and answers.


In the "Image" tab you can set the values of height and width of the resized avatars.


In the "Permission" tab you can change the permission for different actions or different ranks.
First, you can add or hide the option for the asking user to edit his question afterwards.
On the next fields you can enable the option for users to answer multiple times to one question, and for which type of users to vote answers (Public, Registered or Special).
You can enable the use of cookies for voting users that are not logged in. This is applicable when the above option is set to "Public".

Next settings allow you to change the permission to different actions of different ranks. Here is a complete list of the actions:

  • Ask question - The categories of ranks that can ask questions.
  • Answer question - The categories of ranks that can answer questions.
  • View opened questions - The categories of ranks that can view opened questions.
  • View closed questions - The categories of ranks that can view closed questions.

Points System

In this tab you can enable or disable the points system or enable permissions based on user's levels. Note that if you enable the points system, the users will have to fill their profiles before proceeding to any other action.
For more about the points system check our jAnswers Factory - Points System Guide.


jAnswers Factory comes with reCAPTCHA system implemented and from this tab you can enable it in case you have issues with unwanted bot spam.
If enabled, reCAPTCHA should appear only for guest users.
To get reCAPTCHA public and private key visit the reCaptcha website.

Terms & Conditions

The last tab on this section is with a standard editor for Terms & conditions.
Users have to read and agree with the Terms & conditions by checking the tickbox every time they post a new question.

(!) Documentation based on jAnswers Factory version 4.2.0