Job Types, Experience & Locations

Job Types, Experience & Levels

Job Types section is where you can add, edit or remove specific types of jobs that can be used as a criteria by companies when looking for employees and vice versa.
These types are related to the time frame for which employees are needed/willing to work, or other use you desire for it.

When adding a new type of job or editing one you can set the name and the status of it.

Other criteria that companies can add as requirements for recruitment is the Experience level of the users.
From this section you can add new experience levels, change their status or their ordering.

Job offers can also have as criteria the Study levels of the users.
From this section you can add new study levels or remove the available ones, change their status and their ordering.


With Jobs Factory you can enable the Location management feature found on the configuration area which allows you to add predefined locations consisting of country, area and city that companies can use upon creating a new job offer.
These locations must be added in this order: Enable certain country → Create area/region and assign it to enabled country → Create city and assign it to said area/region.
This is can be done only from backend by the administrator.

From the Countries page you can enable which countries are published on frontend. This applies for both profile pages (Candidate and Company) as well as for the job offer page regardless if the Location Management option is enabled or not.

Regarding areas and cities, these pages matter only if Location Management is enabled, in case this is disabled, companies will need to add cities manually.

On the Areas/Regions section you can add States and assign them to the enabled Countries.

From the Cities section, once you added areas or regions you will be able to add and assign cities to them.
Click on New City, type the city name and select the location. Click on Save & Close to add it to the list.

Assignments can also be done in batches, select multiple locations and click Assign.

(!) Note that you can Import or Export locations from the Import/Export section of the Control Panel.

(!) Documentation based on Jobs Factory version 1.5.1