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Payment Plugins

Payment Gateways

Jobs Factory installs by default with multiple Payment Gateways which can be used to pay for the Payment Items.

The following gateways are available by default (version 1.0.0):

  • PayPal - Sandbox mode also available
  • Moneybookers
  • 2Checkout - Does not support multiple currencies, you have to use the 2checkout account currency as your default
  • Bankwire - Simple message where the admin posts payment info and manually confirms payments in the system
  • Sagepayments.net
  • Authorize.net

Other Gateways can be added into the extension, refer to our API for 3rd party Payment Gateways integration.

Payment Items

The Payment Items section can be found in the Jobs Factory's Control Panel. These are the available items that you will find there:

  • Pay per Listing - Users pay to publish job offers
  • Featured Job - Preferential job listing
  • Pay per Contact - Users pay for contact details of other users

To enable or disable the items click on the symbols in the upper right of each item, a pop-up should appear with "Click to disable" or "Click to enable" when hovering the icon.

Pay per Listing

The Listing Item charges users after saving a job offer, the respective offer will remain unpublished until the order and payment are confirmed. After order confirmation, the system publishes the offer automatically.

The configuration part of this feature will let you set the default price for listings.
You can add different prices for each user rank and also for specific categories of jobs by checking Enable categories pricing checkbox and adding the prices next to their names, leaving the fields empty means that the categories will have the default price.

The Featured Item lists job offers on top of lists and with different, more visible templating, regardless of sorting. Amongst Featured Jobs, the regular sorting applies.

For this feature you can set a default listing price that users will have to pay when they promote their job offer to the featured list and also set different prices depending on user's ranks.

Pay per Contact

If enabled, the Contact Item hides contact information of other users until a predefined price is paid.

The configuration part of this feature will let you set the default price for buying contact information and also preferential prices for Verified and Powerseller users.

Currency Manager

The Currencies area allows you to manage all the currencies that you wish to be used on your website.
You can select a default currency so that when payments are made with other currencies it will convert them calculating the conversion rate.
Clicking on Refresh conversion will update the rates using Google conversion.

Clicking on New will allow you to add new currencies, simply add the currency abbreviation and a conversion rate. In case you don't know the conversion rate you can leave the field empty and click on Refresh conversion later on to update it. The CRON script also updates currency exchange rates according to Google, check the CRON documentation for more.

(!) You need to use internationally accepted 3 character currency codes; e.g. USD, EUR.


Payments on Jobs Factory are related to the 3 items available for the component, by enabling any of them you will need to manage the payments.
By accessing Payments tab you will find 3 sections which allows you to view and manage user's financials by confirming orders, payments or adding funds.

On the Orders section you can see orders placed by the users and with all the details such as the date when the order was made, the total owed and the status.

When a payment is processed by the gateway it will show up on the Payments section.
You can confirm the payment from here or to add payments manually.

On the Balances section you can add funds manually to a specific user and view available balance.

(!) Documentation based on Jobs Factory version 1.0.0