When are invoices issued?

Invoices are generated by Love Factory for each purchase based on a predefined template.

Once the invoices are enabled from the backend, they will be automatically issued once the orders are marked as completed, regardless if this is done automatically by the payment gateway or manually by the administrator.

How do users access the invoices?

Users can view their issued invoices from the frontend by accessing the item menu Invoices. However, this is not assigned to the Love Factory menu upon installation and requires you to add it manually.

In order to add the menu item go to Menus > Love Factory > Add New Menu Item.
Once there, select the Menu Item Type Invoices and add a title which will be the one displayed on the Love Factory menu.

On the Invoices menu item, users will be able to view all the invoices which have been issued for them with various details such as the type of membership purchased, value or issue date. Users are also able to sort the list based on the value or date of occurrence.

Clicking on one of the Invoices will display it as a pop-up window using the template set from the backend, allowing users to print it, if needed.

(!) It is important to know that the issued invoices display the details of the buyer as they were on the date of occurrence, and will not be modified regardless if the buyer changes his profile details afterwards.

How does the administrator access the invoices?

You can access the Invoices of all users from the backend by going to Components > Love Factory > Invoices.
You will be able to view them and delete them when needed. In order to find a certain invoice, you can search for it using the filtering system, which allows you to filter invoices by title or date.

Additionally, you can also export invoices as a .csv file by selecting one or more invoices and clicking on the Export button.

How to configure invoices?

In order to enable and configure the invoices, you will need to go to Components > Love Factory > Settings and click on Invoices.
The General tab is where you can enable the invoices. Once you've done that, you can also set the Invoice VAT Rate.

Buyer & Seller tab allows you to edit the format of how buyer and seller details are displayed on the issued invoices.

On the left text editor, you can add various details regarding yourself/your company.
The information added here will be displayed on the invoice template by using the %%seller_information%% token.

On the right text editor, you can set which details of the buyers will be displayed on the invoices and their order.
Use the Field button to add various fields, including custom fields. In order to add fields manually, be sure to use the following format: %%id_name-of-field%%.
The information presented here will be displayed on the invoice template by using the %%buyer_information%% token.

Template tab is where you can define the invoice template.
Love Factory comes with a predefined template which you can later modify or even add a new one entirely.

The following tokens can be used on the template:


(!) Documentation based on Love Factory version 4.4.9