Component Profile

Penny Auction Factory offers the possibility to either use the default Joomla registration form or it's own profile layout.
To enable this feature you must go to Settings/Profile Integration and choose Component Profile and Component Registration respectively from the drop-down menu.

Save the changes and go to Extensions/Plugins. Here, you will need to enable 2 plugins which are installed by default when installing the extension: Penny Auction Factory System plugin and Penny Auction Factory User plugin.
These must be enabled in order for you to utilize the Penny Auction Factory registration and it's profile forms.

Upon doing all of these, the standard registration form of Joomla will be replaced with the one of Penny Auction Factory's, which contains additional fields such as Address, City, Country, Phone and PayPal Email.
These fields are important and it is recommended that you do all of these steps before you start running a Penny Auction Factory based website.

Community Builder Integration

Penny Auction Factory allows you to integrate Community Builder as an alternative profiling system. Penny Auction Factory will automatically install CB plugins if it detects a previously CB upon installation.

To use the CB profile, you must go to Components/Penny Auction Factory/Settings/Profile Integration and set the User Profile field to Community Builder, then click on Save.
Furthermore, you will need to set up CB by mapping the corresponding fields, click on Setup fields assignments to check the available fields.
If really needed, CB extension can be found under this website, where you can sign up and download your free copy. Install it just like a regular extension. After installation, you should see Community Builder in the Components menu. If CB is installed after thePHPfactory extension, then you will need to install the CB plugins separately.

Love Factory & Social Factory Integration

You can also integrate Love Factory or Social Factory profiling systems the same way as CB. With each of them installed, you can go to Components/Auction Factory/Settings/Profile Integration and set the User Profile field to Love Factory or Social Factory, then click on Save.
Next, you will need to set up the mapping of the corresponding fields. Click on Setup fields assignments to check the available fields.

reCaptcha Integration

To enable the anti-spam features, go to Components/Penny Auction Factory/Settings/General Settings. With ReCaptcha you can avoid unwanted bot spam, which will require the guests to enter certain letters or numbers that a computer can not read, thus preventing automated spam messages.

Besides ReCaptcha for comments, you can also enable the ReCaptcha Mailhide plugin, which works the same way, but it is used when users want to see email addresses.
Other email protection methods are Smarty and Joomla. Smarty obfuscates the source code with Javascript, while Joomla simply hides the email.

For more information about ReCaptcha, check out the Anti-Spam section in here.

(!) Documentation based on Penny Auction Factory version 2.0.1