Content Plugin

Once you enable plg_content_rssfactory from the Plugin Manager page of Joomla you will be able to use the Content Plugin similar to this:

{com_rssfactory relevantStories nrFeeds=[3]}

The format used for tokens is this: tokenName=[value1, value2, value3]
In the example shown above "relevantStories" and "nrFeeds" are token names while "3" is the value, in this case representing the number of feeds to be displayed.

Here is a list of the available tokens that can be used:

  • categoryId: feeds from the selected categories
  • sourceId: only the selected feeds
  • nrFeeds: limit the number of feeds
  • nrStories: limit the number of stories for each feed
  • relevantStories: it will display feeds from the RSS Factory categories that are relevant to the current (article's) Joomla category. You can define for each RSS Factory category, the Joomla categories that it is relevant for.
  • searchTerm: filter stories that contain the searchTerm
  • delimiter: change the delimiter
  • displayMethod: (valid values: tabbed, list, tiled, slider) control the output style for each use of the content plugin.


{com_rssfactory nrFeeds=[3] searchTerm=[sport,tennis,nadal]}

Displays stories from 3 feeds that contain one of the search terms: "sport", "tennis" or "nadal", you could use

{com_rssfactory nrStories=[1] relevantStories}

Displays stories relevant to the current article Joomla category, only one story for each feed.

{com_rssfactory categoryId=[4] displayMethod=slider}

Displays stories of feeds using a slider format from the category which has the ID "4".

(!) Documentation based on RSS Factory and RSS Factory PRO version 4.2.4