Setting up Fields for the Community Builder integration.

Before you can properly and fully integrate Community Builder with our supported extensions, you have to create and set up a couple of fields which will be mapped to our extension's user profile.

To create new Community Builder fields go to your site backend → Community Builder → Field Management.

Here you can create unlimited fields for your CB user profile, some of these fields will have to be mapped into our extension with their respective counterparts.

The role of this mapping is to tell our extensions which fields from CB will reflect the component fields, in order to load that data in the item listings, item details, some payment items, and even modules.

Most of the fields that you have to create will be of type "Text Field" since these are the fields we use on the component user profiles.

Let's go through the most common fields you will have to map and their CB counterpart.

Component FieldCB Field TypeInfo
NameText Field
SurnameText Field
AddressText Field, Area, or EditorYou can set multiple types for this field, according to how much freedom you want to give to the user.
CityText Field, Drop Down(Single Select)You can either let the user input a city, or provide him with a predefined list with the Drop Down field.
CountryText Field, Drop Down(Single Select)Same as City
PhoneText FieldIt's indicated that you also set a numeric filter in the Validation tab for this field.
PaypalText Field
Google Maps XText Field
Google Maps YText Field
VerifiedCheckboxThis field should not be shown to the actual user, and should be set by the admin from the CB user profile. Some Payment Items have preferential prices for this type of user.
PowersellerCheckboxSame as Verified
isBidderCheckboxIf not using the integrated ACL system which defines Sellers and Buyers based on groups, these fields will allow you to set a seller or bidder individually on their profile. Commissions are charged differently for Seller and Buyers, so take note when setting user to these groups.
isSellerCheckboxSame as isBidder

These fields may or may not be present on each of our extensions, if you have any specific question about any field present on our extensions, do not hesitate to contact us directly via the Forum or Ticket System.

Please do not take these field assignments trivially if using the CB integration. Failing to assign them to adequate field types, or mapping them to existing CB fields which store other data than what you are trying to map, may lead to errors or inconsistent behaviour.