URL for Gateway Instant Payment Notifications

Valid for thePHPfactory Framework extensions: Raffle, Auction, Dutch, Reverse Auction built for Joomla 2.5 and up.

An IPN handler URL will contain mostly these parameters:



APP_EXTENSIONComponent name*
$orderidID of the order currently being processed
$gw→nameName of the current payment gateway used, as seen in var $name

(*) Component Names:

  • Auction Factory - com_bids (for Joomla 2.x), com_auctionfactory (for Joomla 3.x)
  • Reverse Auction Factory - com_rbids
  • Dutch Auction Factory - com_dutchfactory
  • Raffle Factory - com_rafflefactory

Not to be confused with Extension Names, as in "Auction Factory".

Another method of obtaining this URL is with a code inspection tool via the internet browser. Simply inspecting the Pay button on the last page of the checkout, will give you a complete list of URLs used in the payment process.

For Micro Deal Factory, the url will be:


If still unclear, please use the forums for guidance.