Mail Settings, Countries Manager & Import/Export Tools

Mail Settings

In the Mail Settings area you can enable, disable or edit the messages that are sent automatically for different actions.
Here are some of the messages and the actions that trigger them, you can view the full list on our demo:

  • Bidder - new message : Sent to bidder when he receives a new reply from seller.
  • Seller - new bid : Sent to seller when a new bid is made on his auction.
  • Bidder - bid accepted : This notification is sent to winning bidder when his bid is accepted.
  • Bidder - bid lost : Sent to bidder when someone else won the auction.
  • Seller - BIN auto accepted : Sent to seller when a BIN bid automatically accepted for his auction.
  • Bidder - BIN bid accepted : This notification is sent to winning bidder when his BIN bid is accepted.
  • Seller - BIN bid waiting approval : This notification is sent to the owner of an auction when a BIN bid was placed on their auction and it is now waiting his approval.
  • Watchlist - BIN bid accepted : This notification is sent to followers (watchlist) when a bid was accepted on an auction they were watching.
  • Watchlist - auction cancelled : This notification is sent to users when an Auction that they were watching was cancelled.
  • Seller - new BIN bid : Sent to seller when a new BIN bid is made on his auction, so he can accept it.
  • Seller - choose winner : This notification is sent to the seller of an auction when the auction is closed and he must choose a winner.
  • Bidder - Outbid Notification : This notification is sent to the bidder when his bid gets outbidded.
  • Seller - reserve price not met : This notification is sent to seller when an automatic auction expires and the reserve price is not met.
  • Admin - auction report : When an auction is reported, admin gets notified.
  • Bidder - suggestion accepted : Notify user who suggested an auction's price that his suggestion got accepted.
  • Seller - suggestion reminder : Notify seller about waiting suggestions on his auction.
  • Seller - auction banned : This notification is sent to seller when his auction gets banned by the administrator.

You can enable or disable just some of the messages by clicking on them from the drop-down menu and checking or unchecking the checkbox, if you want them all to be activated be sure to verify them one by one!

On the left side of the editor you will find a list of shortcuts that you can use on the text editor.

(!) The CRON has to be configured and running regularly in order for all the notifications to be sent.
(!) Take care in which messages private information is disclosed.

Countries Manager

The Countries Manager section allows you to set up which countries are published and which not.
Users will have only the enabled countries to choose from when setting their profiles.

Import/Export Tools

From Tools section you can manage your auctions by creating backups, restoring them or to simply clean up the database by deleting closed auctions.

You can create an ".xls" file containing a list with all the auctions available on your website or to import an ".csv" file adding additional auctions.

With Import Auctions from CSV you can import data as a bulk upload, which will append the data to your existing database. This will help for example populating much more easily your database, uniting in one the existing records which are kept in different formats.

To import a CSV file, click on the Browse button, select the file from your HDD and click on the Save button found at the top of the page.
Having a .zip file containing images of these auctions can be also uploaded the same way with the provided field.

It is important to know that this feature requires strict conventions in the files to work properly, each value is inserted in the database and order must be respected. Custom fields are not supported.

For sample data and other info about the BULK import feature please check this forum thread.

You can purge the auctions that ended in order to keep the database clean by clicking on the Purge Closed Auctions button.

By clicking on Backup Auctions and Images you will see the path where the ".zip" file will be saved, to proceed creating the backup you need to be sure the path is Writable. Here you will also find the option for you to download the file and to delete the one saved on the server after the download occurs.

To restore a backup go to Restore Auctions and Images and select the file from your HDD.
You can verify the path where the restore will occur and to choose if you wish to Overwrite Existing Images when this happens.