Auction Factory comes with 7 modules implemented that can be enabled/disabled or edited from Joomla's Module Manager:

  • Auction Factory Category Navigation
  • Auction Factory Category Tree
  • Auction Factory Quick Search
  • Auction Factory Quick Rate
  • Auction Factory Module
  • Auction Factory Tag Cloud
  • Auction Factory Price Range Search

Auction Factory Category Navigation

This module offers another way to navigate between categories and subcategories by using a simple drop-down menu system.

Enable Category Counter option will display, if enabled, the number of auctions published in each category.

Auction Factory Category Tree

This module will add to your website an expandable category tree which will help users to find auctions from a specific category more easily.

You can set up this module from the backend by adding the Folding speed when expanding or collapsing the categories or by choosing one of the 4 available Themes: Default, Azuro, Green or Red.
Enable Category Counter option will display, if enabled, the number of auctions published in each category while Enable Subcategories Counter will do the same for subcategories.

Quick Search module provides a text field where users can add keywords to search for and a drop-down menu where they can select a certain category.

From the backend you can disable the category drop-down menu and to change the theme of the module.

Auction Factory Quick Rate

This module notifies the winner of an auction and the seller of it that they can rate each other using a star-based system.

You can choose from the backend who has access to this module, only sellers, only bidders, or all of them.

Auction Factory Module

This module provides a list of auctions which is highly customizable from the backend.
Clicking on any auction it will redirect you to it and while hoovering it will display who is the seller and the starting price.

Two Templates are available for the module, a "List" one as shown on the screenshot above, and a "Carousel" one which slides the auctions horizontally when clicking on arrows.

You can choose which auctions to be shown, select if you wish to have only BIN auctions, featured auctions, or even auctions from a specific userid.
Select which type of auctions to be listed:

  • Latest
  • Popular
  • Most Valuable
  • Random
  • Featured
  • Ending Soon

Display auction image in Module will add images of the auction items next to their names. By enabling this you can define the image's size in width and height.

Here you can also choose how many auctions to be displayed, the sorting order and to show the countdown for each of them.

Auction Factory Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud module generates a cloud containing the most frequent auctions tags.
Their size represents the usage, bigger ones are the most used while small ones are less used.
Clicking on one of them will perform a search for auctions which contain the respective tag.

Using this module will allow users to perform searches for a certain price range.

From backend, you can choose a Maximum value of the price that users can search for and the Currency used.