Memberships & Prices


In the Memberships area you can manage all the available memberships or add new ones.
To get there go to Settings and click on Memberships.

Depending on the user's membership, he or she can have different properties, this is what you define in the Memberships section. You do not define here the availability of the memberships, just what the memberships have to offer.
When signing up, users will automatically be assigned to a default membership, you can modify which one is it from here. The default membership is available for an unlimited period of time for all users!
Note that after a membership expires the user will get back to the Default one.

By clicking on the "Options" button, a new window will appear, from here you can restrict the default membership access to different areas of the website.
This will affect only the users with a default membership.

Restricting the default memberships is a commonly used method to persuade users into upgrading to a paid membership.

By clicking on the name of the memberships, you can change their properties. Here you can change settings like the membership's name, or set restrictions/grant permission for things like:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Friends
  • Shoutbox
  • Messages per day
  • Interactions per day
  • Top friends
  • Groups allowed to create
  • Groups allowed to join
  • Chat Factory ((!) Available only if Chat Factory is used. For more about this check our Chat Factory - Integration Guide.)

Shoutbox access can be set to "No access", "Only Read" or "Full access".

"Same gender interaction", if enabled, will allow users of the same gender to send messages, interactions or friendship requests between them.
By checking "Apply to all sold memberships?" you will apply the settings even for users that already have that membership active.

If you are experiencing issues with permissions, resave your memberships after checking the "Apply to all sold memberships?" checkbox.


Now that you have the memberships set, you must add the pricing for them so that users can buy membership plans.
To do that, go to Settings and click on Prices.

Now click on "New" to add price properties to the available memberships.
Firstly, select the membership you wish to add the price settings and then if you wish to publish that pricing plan.

The "Trial membership" option allows you to add the new membership pricing as a trial, this is available so that you can let users test a membership, for free. After it expires they revert back to their previous membership (if still active, otherwise the default is applied).

A setup suggestion would be creating a couple of pricing plans for the same membership and also a trial, let's say with a duration of 24 hours.

For the Trial membership you can set the duration in hours, and also set if it's always available (toggling the "Available always" field) or be activate only between a certain time interval ("Available from:" - "Available until:").

A duration of "0" will create a membership pricing plan with an unlimited duration. Click on "Save & Close" to save the price settings.

Image shown with Trial Membership set to "No".

Image shown with Trial Membership set to "Yes".

You can create multiple pricing plans for the same membership, for example:

  • 6 Months for 3€
  • 12 Months for 5€
  • 24 Months for 8€

Here is how the Pricing section should look like after saving.

Clicking on the "Options" button will allow you to change the currency used.
Another thing you will find here is the option to add a different price depending on the gender or one price for all genders. This will change the price properties section and add multiple fields for each gender.

Here is how the price properties look like in case you chose to add a different price depending on the gender.

This is how the example above is shown on the frontend memberships page:

And furthermore when selecting the gateway and the period for the membership.