User Guide

Wall Factory is our free community based extension for Joomla that implements a similar wall like the Facebook one on which users can share messages, news, videos or images freely.

Depending on what is set from the backend, guests might have the possibility to post on walls but even so it is better to register so you can have full access to all the features that Wall Factory provides.
This is the default menu provided for registered user:

Adding a New Post

To create a new post you can either go to Wall where you can see other's posts as well or to New Post.

Add on the text field the message you wish to post and, in case you want to add more to it click on More Options.
On this area you can attach to your post different things such as URLs, mp3s, photos, videos or various files. These options can be disabled by an administrator from the backend so the list might be different.


With Wall Factory you can choose to follow other user's walls, by going to My Friends page you can view the ones you follow and their posts.
By going to My Followers page you can view the users that follow you.

Wall page allows you to see all the users posts including yours and to comment on them, share them on other websites or to report if needed.

Account Settings

Account Settings page allows you to modify details regarding your account and set up preferences for your wall.

From the General tab you can add a description about you, your gender, birthday and name, details which will be shown on your wall.
You can set up to show these details only to other wall owners or for all users.

Wall tab allows you to specify how many posts to be shown per page on your wall and to enable/disable the available notifications.

On the last tab you can choose to upload an avatar or, if enabled from the backend, to use your Gravatar or CB avatar.