Payments Management

Auction Factory offers webmasters multiple revenue streams that can be managed with ease from backend. For an in-depth documentation regarding the available payment items and gateways please visit this page.
Once you configured the payment items and enabled at least one payment gateway, users will be able to add funds to their account in order to purchase these items.


Payments page displays a list of all orders that have been processed by the gateway and with payments received by the webmaster.
Multiple details regarding each payment are available on this page such as the amount paid, payment date, user, order number, and more.
Only payments between users and site are recorded here, payments between auctioneers and winners are nor recorded as they running outside the site.

A Filter is available that helps you find payments made by a specific username.


Orders page displays a history of all orders placed on your website.
Order status can be changed manually by the webmaster when needed, (X = order canceled, P = order pending, C = order completed) simply check one order and click on Confirm order or Cancel order.
Clicking on a payment amount will display details regarding the items bought with that order.

Orders listed here are for payments between users (only if “Enable advanced payment for winner” is activated), or for payments between the site and the users.

An order could have one of the following statuses:

  • Pending:a payment must be initiated or has been initiated but it is not yet confirmed, the payment is in progress. Depending on the back-end settings the confirmation could be made either by the site administrator (manual) or automatically by the gateway (PayPay IPN).
  • Completed: payment has been made and confirmed.
  • Cancelled: canceling an order is necessary if, for instance, the order has been automated generated when the user balance was zero and a commission had to be paid, but later the user made a deposit and the commission debt was deducted from the user balance. Another scenario when an order should be canceled, is if the user initiated accidentally multiple orders for the same payment.

If the order represents a payment from user to site, then confirming the order will result in increasing the user’s balance with that amount.
If the order represents a payment from site to user, following a withdraw request initiated by the user, then confirming the order will decrease the user’s balance with that amount.
An order can represent also a payment that must be done between the auctioneer and the winner of the auction. This kind of orders are recorded only if the “Enable advance payment for winner” is activated by the admin at the site back-end. These orders are confirmed by the auctioneer by clicking “Approve winner payment”. Confirming these orders has NO EFFECT on either buyer or seller balance, since the Auction Factory extension does not handle the payments between users.


You can view and manage funds balance of every user from your website by going to Balances page. Balances represent the current money each user has on its own site account.
Besides a standard username filter, you can also choose to filter the users according to their balance:

  • All users
  • All users with non zero balances
  • All users with negative balances
  • All with a request for withdrawal

In case an user sent a withdraw funds request, a Pay Now button will appear on the Request withdrawal column, clicking on it will allow you to send the requested amount to his PayPal account.

Clicking on the Add funds button found at the top of the page will let you add a manual payment to a specific user.
In case you need to decrease the funds of an user simply add a negative number on the Amount field.

A positive balance means that the user has transferred an amount to the site balance and from this amount he can cover, the costs of the actions that user will place on the site, according to the Payment items activated by the site administrator: Pay per listing, Pay per bit, Pay per contact, so on (menu Settings→Payment Items).

A negative balance means that the user has already benefited from of one of the payable services enabled on the site and now he/she owes that amount to the site.
A situation like this could occur when the user had a zero balance, but it used the site to sell or buy a product for which a commission must be paid. On the other hand, if Pay per listing is activated but the user balance does not cover the cost of publishing a new auction, then the auction will be saved as unpublished until the user deposits a sufficient amount into his site account. After that the user could edit his auction and save it as published. Similar, if Pay per bid is activated but the user’s balance does not cover the cost of a bid, no bids will be recorded until the user deposits a sufficient amount of money into his site account.

(!) Documentation based on Auction Factory version 4.5.9