Import From CSV

To help you populate your database much more easily, you can use the Import from CSV feature. With it, you can import data from the admin backend as a bulk upload, which will append the data to your existing database.

To access this page go to Components/Collection Factory/Settings/Import/Backup and click on the Import from CSV button. There you will find a field which will allow you to upload a ".csv" file from your HDD.

The ".csv" file needs to be written in a specific order and format in order to be eligible for upload and also have no errors since each value will be inserted in the database.
For the Collection CSV file you will need the header on the first row containing all the names of the fields and on the next rows, details and parameters regarding the items that will be added in those respective fields.
It is also very important that the information is separated by tab spacing.

The names of the fields found in database are defined by the "xajax.php" file found on "components\com_collectionfactory\helpers".
You will also need to define the column headers in the file.
So that you know exactly how the structure of the file must be, here is a list of the fields and how they need to be ordered on the .csv file:

Name Description Example
Cat Name of one of the available categories, you can see them all on the Manage Categories page deutschland
Name Text which will be used as the name of the item on listings and details page 1917. 1. Juni - 40 Bani
Description Descriptive text regarding the item which can also contain HTML Deutsche Marken mir Aufdruck MVIR und rumänischen Wert, Rahmenaufdruck in der Staatsdruckerei Bukarest hergestellt
Index Number of the item, more items having the same index mean they are duplicates 8
Catalog number Number and name of the catalog from which the item is provided Michel 3
Catalog value Price of the item, must be a valid number greater than 0 46
My price Price of the item, must be a valid number greater than 0. Which price is used between this and "Catalog value" can be set from General Settings 50
Quantity Amount of items available on the collection 2
State Current state of the item, the list of available "states" can be set from the General Settings Collection
Condition Current condition of the item, the list of available "conditions" can be set from the General Settings Mounted mint

To help you understand the structure of the CSV file even further, you can download collection_import_sample.csv

More information available on our forum at: http://thephpfactory.com/forum/collection-factory/16145-sample-data-bulk-import-csv-for-version-4-x-x

(!) Documentation based on Collection Factory version 4.1.8