Reports, Ratings and Other Useful Information

To keep track of the activity happening on your website you can visit the Monitoring section.
This page provides various informational lists of bids made, messages, ratings or reports allowing you to manage them if needed.

Bid History

The Bid History page displays a list of bids made by users, displaying additional information such as the type of the bid, the amount paid, the date when it was made or the user who did it.
An auction ref number is generated for each auction when created, you can filter the bids using this criteria.

Clicking on an auction title allows you to view details of that respective auction and edit it.

Messages manager

This area displays all the messages sent by users on the available auctions.
You can verify various information besides the actual message, such as the date when it was sent, and the username of the sender and receiver.
To manage them, you can select 1 or more messages and click on the Enable/Disable button.

Ratings & Reviews

Auctioneer to bidder and vice versa ratings can be seen in the Ratings & Reviews area of the admin.
You can see the review wrote along the rating and the auction where the rating took place.
Reviews can be deleted, if necessary.

Reported Auctions

From the Reported Auctions page you can manage the reports made by writing messages to the auctioneers in question or edit their auctions.
These are auctions that users have viewed as offensive/illegal and have been reported.

You can check the exact date and time when the report was made. A message which describes the reason for the report, the title, and if it is still in progress or if has been solved.
After the respective issues are solved, you can toggle the report status to Solved. A filter is also available, which allows you to display only the solved or unsolved reports.

(!) Documentation based on Dutch Auction Factory version 2.0.1