Photo Battle Factory comes with 4 modules implemented, besides the menu module, which you can enable/disable and configure from Joomla's Module Manager:

  • Categories Module
  • Items Module
  • Tags Module
  • Battle Module

Clicking on any of these modules will open a control panel from where you can set the status, position, title, access level (Guest, Public, Registered, Special), the location of the module on your website and more.

Categories Module

For a better overview and navigation through photos, the component comes with the Categories Module which will display a list of all the available categories.
Clicking on a category will redirect you to a list of all the photos assigned to it.

Items Module

The Items Module comes with diverse filtering criteria, being an all-in-one module. You can display various listings, publish it in multiple instances in order to allow separate filtering.
The available listings are with the following criteria:

  • Latest Added
  • Random
  • Last voted
  • Rating

Thumbnails of photos will be displayed according to the selected sorting method, along with their current rating. Clicking on one of the displayed thumbnails will redirect you to its photo's page where users can vote, comment and check other information related to it.

On the backend, you will be able to select the sorting method of the items by using the Display items option. A drop-down menu will be displayed with the following criteria for you to choose from: Latest Added, Random, Last voted, Rating.

The Number of items will define how many items will be displayed on the module, while with Filter category you can select from which category to display the images.

Tags Module

The Tags Module generates a cloud containing the most frequently used photo tags.
The size of the words represents their usage. Bigger ones are the most used while small ones are less used.
Clicking on one of them will perform a search for the photos which contain the respective tag.

Battle Module

Battle Module comes with the following displaying options: Pairs Battle and Last Battle.
For both items displayed you will have the "Total Battles" and "Battles Won" available as information regarding them.
Items available on Pairs Battle will be clickable and will redirect you to the page of their battle.

(!) Documentation based on Photo Battle Factory version 4.1.5