RSS 2 Image Factory

RSS 2 Image Factory displays images taken from RSS feeds. The module is compatible with RSS Factory and RSS Factory PRO.


You can install the RSS 2 Image Factory module the same way as installing an extension, go to Extensions/Extension Manager, click on Browse… and select the file from your system, then click on Upload & Install.

Now that you have installed the module, you will need to enable it. Go to Module Manager and click on it, then toggle the status to Published and select the position where it will be displayed.


You can configure several settings for this module by going to the Options tab.

Story content display allows you to change the method the story content is displayed. You can choose between a Tooltip version which will show you the short version of the story and the image when hovering over with the mouse and also a Modal version which will pop-up the short version of the story along with the image when clicking on it.

Sort order will let you choose how to sort the stories, you can choose either by date, showing the latest on top, or to display them randomly.

You can change the display form of the stories, add how many Pages, Rows and Columns the module will contain.

You are able to display only the feeds containing images or all the feeds by switching the Stories with images option.
In case you disabled the option above, you can choose to use a default image for all the stories without images.

Add which Categories to chose the stories from, leaving the field empty will display all.

If you enable Show relevant categories it will show stories from categories marked as relevant in the RSS Factory component while being on a com_content page.

You can allow images from enclosures to be displayed.

Add a minimum size in pixels the images must have so that you can filter out images like spacers or buttons.
Enter in pixels the maximum value for the height and width of the thumbnails.

With Image caption you can select which caption to use for the images and below to enter the number of characters to be displayed.
Image caption position allows you to add the captions below or above the images.

You can select to display the pagination below or above the images, in case you added more than 1 page.

(!) Documentation based on RSS 2 Image Factory version 4.0.0