Social Factory has multiple modules implemented that can be enabled/disabled or edited from Joomla's Module Manager:

  • Frontend Module
  • Facebook Connect Module
  • Awards Module
  • Awards Top Module

Frontend Module

This is a very flexible module that allows you to add lists with different types of members:

  • Latest members
  • Random members
  • Latest viewed profiles
  • Latest profile visitors
  • Online members

Select which Fields Setup will be used to display the users' profiles.
Set a number of columns and rows. This will affect the number of displayed members.
You can add a Membership filter to only display the users with the selected membership.

This is how the module will look like on the frontend with the current settings.

Facebook Connect Module

This module will add a button on the frontend allowing users to login using their Facebook account.
To set this module you will have to go to Social Factory Settings. For more about this check the Integrations section.

After you enable and set up the module, this is how it will be displayed on the frontend.

Awards Module

The Awards Module can display the latest awards or the latest awards received by the logged in user.
In case of the first option, you can view which user received an award and the period of time when it occured.
Clicking on the username will redirect you to said user's profile page.

The amount of displayable awards can be set from the Awards displayed option.

In order to have the award system properly working on your website, you will first need to enable this option from the General Settings page.

Awards Top Module

The Awards Top Module displays the users with the most awards from your website.
Clicking on the username will redirect you to respective user's profile page.

From the backend, you can choose how many users will be displayed on the module.

(!) Documentation based on Social Factory version 3.7.7