Swap Factory comes with multiple modules implemented out of the box that can be enabled/disabled and configured from Joomla's Module Manager:

  • Swap Factory Module
  • Swap CategoryTree Module2
  • Swap Category Module1
  • Swap CategoryFullTree Module3
  • Swap Search Module
  • Swap Search Price Module
  • Swap Tag Cloud
  • Swap Factory Cart info

Clicking on any of these modules will open a control panel where you can set the status, position, title, access level (Guest, Public, Registered or Special), the location of the module on your website and more.

Swap Factory Module

With this module, you can display various types of listings, while still being highly customizable.
The names and photos of the ads can be displayed. Clicking on a name will redirect you to the detailed view of the respective ad.

With the Type of ads field, you can set up the criteria on which the ads will be displayed. You can Duplicate this module in case you want to display more listings at once with different types.
Here is a list of the available types:

  • Latest Ads
  • Popular Ads
  • Most Valuable Ads
  • Random Ads
  • Featured Ads

In case you selected Featured Ads, you can choose which ones of the 3 featured ads (Gold, Silver, Bronze) will be displayed on the list.

For a better preview of the ads, you can enable Display ad image in Module and choose the width and height of the respective images.
The format of the lists can also be changed by selecting The layout of module option to either Default or Details. The later one will add a short description of the ads next to their names.

Define the number of ads displayed on the module with the Number of Ads option.

Swap Category Tree Modules

There are 3 modules available which will display expandable category trees that can help users find ads from specific categories easier.
Clicking on a category or subcategory will perform a search within all the active ads on that category/subcategory.

From the backend, you can enable a Category Counter for each one of the modules. This counter will display between brackets how many ads are available for each category.

For the 3rd module, you will find additional settings. It is important to note that you can only have 2 category modules active at once.
Set the Folding speed of the tree in milliseconds when expanding or simplifying the categories.

Choose Theme allows you to select one of the three available themes for this module: Default, Azuro or Green.

Swap Search Module

This module provides a simple way for users to search for certain ads.
It comes with one text field and a search button. The searches are filtered after the ads titles.

Swap Search Price Module

With the Search Price Module users can search ads after specific price ranges by adding a minimum and a maximum limit along the usual title search.
Depending on the backend configuration, users can also select the currency used when performing the search.

Swap Tag Cloud

The Tag Cloud module generates a cloud containing the most frequently used ad tags.
The size of the words represents their usage, bigger ones are the most used while small ones are less used.
Clicking on one of them will perform a search for ads which contains the respective tag.

The backend area of this module allows you to set the Maximum number of Tags to be displayed on the cloud.

Swap Factory Cart info

A new feature for Swap Factory is the addition of the Shopping Cart. With it, user can pay multiple payment items at once such as pay per contact, pay for featured auction, credits offers or package offers.
For more information about all these payment items please check our Swap Factory - Payment Plugins Guide.

(!) Documentation based on Swap Factory version 2.0.0.